Term Of Use Agreement

You`re done! Now you can immediately access your new agreement and download it. This agreement exists between you and us and is not intended to give rights to others. Sometimes we cannot assert our rights under this agreement (for example. B because we choose not to do so or because we have not recognized that you have violated the treaty). Just because we have not enforced any of our rights does not mean that we do so in the future. A Browsewrap agreement is an agreement that has the terms of the agreement on the site itself and is linked by a hyperlink to the main page of the product. The hyperlink leads to another website detailing the terms of the agreement. In this type of configuration, the terms are not displayed and do not require any action performed by the user to continue. This means that the user does not actively accept the conditions associated with the page.

This creates a problem because the user of the website must actively click on the hyperlink to access the terms of use and draw attention to them. This is another way to ensure that the user accepts the conditions and this can lead to potential problems, as the site does not require the user to take action. A terms of use contract usually contains sections on one or more of the following themes. You can cancel a paid service at any time by communicating to us. Any payment you have already made to us is not refundable, but we will continue to provide the service – unless you remain with us something else – until the next payment date. Their agreement on the CGV (CGV) is both a social contract and a legal contract. These agreements are an opportunity to protect your site, brand and users, and you can use it… Your terms of use are a contract between you and your customers and are legally applicable as long as your agreement is clear, reasonable, legitimate and concluded. Your terms of use may also relate to all other agreements and policies your company may have, for example. B your privacy policy. These clauses inform your users of what your terms of use are and what they do. So what exactly are the terms of use, who needs it, how to create one and how to make your agreement legally binding? Some of our services include content that belongs to Google, such as many visual illustrations you see in Google Maps.