Over the summer of 2012, I served as an MBA Product Marketing intern with AT&T AdWorks in NYC, working primarily with the U-Verse IPTV team. It was a great opportunity for me to put into practice what I had learned as an MBA, and branch out into marketing messaging, copywriting, and strategy building, all while leveraging my design background. I helped create templates and collateral for the sales and operations teams, and develop presentation decks for people all the way up to the AdWorks’ President, Mike Welch.

I can’t show most of that work here… but the image above shows just some samples of the types of various icons and graphics I created from scratch, on the fly, during the process. The aim was to help create a unified style, and concisely communicate ideas (audience demographics, product attributes and benefits, for instance) as we developed collateral across verticals (such as automotive, cpg, financial, travel, and entertainment), and across advertising products and services (click to call, t-commerce, mobile purchasing, requests for information, etc).

I also had the opportunity to work with Business Development and Research teams, together with people from Ipsos and MediaLink, in the design of a survey to gauge interest and adoption of new and emerging technologies in the realm of mobile devices. Part of that involved the design of the underlying logic, including decisions regarding wording, response scales, question order, etc – all concepts I had explored in my MBA coursework, but until then, had not yet applied for a real client (I would very shortly get another opportunity to do this, with Hyundai Motor America).

Apart from my involvement in question logic, I was also called upon again for my design skills, to create visual stimuli to aid in the communication of concepts. This was particularly necessary for newer technologies (NFC, mobile purchasing, and to a lesser extent, QR codes) that were perhaps less intuitive, and had lower adoption rates. It was important to create a uniform and simple illustrative style that would not skew responses. These were some of the results:

My contribution didn’t end there though. I also worked with the sales team to develop mockups of interactive ads and channels, to give current and potential ad partners a sense of how the U-verse platform could work for their business. Here are some examples of that:

Product Marketing, Corporate Identity, Set-top UI Design, Infographics, & Market Research

Company – AT&T, AdWorks Product Marketing