Gentlemen`s Agreement Englewood Nj

Gentlemen`s Agreement 20 N Van Brunt Street Discover Designer-Duds` nascent inventory at Bergen County`s only men`s show store. In this 24-year-old outpost, second-hand design items are offered for a fraction of the original business. 201-568-5511; tapestrie… A celebration of fashion and expression with sincere professionals ready to help you have fun and look your best. In downtown Englewood. From the special to the essentials, you get the same great attention to fit and style tips experienced at each tapestry venue. Shoe-Inn 48 N Dean Street Huge inventory of high-end lines for men and women as well as own brands made in Italy. 201-568-2900; “The Healthiest Shoes You`ll Ever Wear®” An exceptional shoe line that helps you feel good on your feet and promote a healthy and active lifestyle. Men`s consignment stores are still rarities, especially compared to second-hand stores that are suitable for women.

But the concept seems to be gaining acceptance in and around some major cities like New York, where stylish suits and natty sports jackets are common — but expensive — clothing. At least one of these stores is located in Manhattan – Gentlemen`s Resale, on the Upper East Side. Another gentlemen`s agreement, was opened 18 months ago in Englewood, N.J. Veromo 26 E Palisade Avenue Fine Italian Menswear, is on the market in this 19-year-old family business that successfully alternates formal and casual looks. The old school service, on-site sewing and scented espresso are welcoming features, but the inventory of designer brand suits, ties, leather goods, topwear, shirts and more are the real attraction. 201-894-1424; Mr. Selbert, the seller of Gentlemen`s Resale, said the store sometimes received virtually new clothes from people working in the store and getting them for free or at a low price. He said that a suit like this, a newly sold Versace for $2,200, costs $450 in his store. “They want Armani,” said Toni Rusche, owner of Gentleman`s Closet, a 10-year-old man in Houston. “I`ve never been to a men`s consignment camp, and I didn`t know what it was,” he says. “But when I walked in — my wife pushed me to walk — there were super cheap clothes in perfect condition.” “A lot of men don`t know,” said Terry Selbert, a salesman at Gentlemen`s Resale, referring to the former store on East 81st Street between 1st and Second Avenues.

He added that business has been so strong lately that the store wanted to move to larger neighborhoods in the same neighborhood in February. Sandi Zahn, a former Garment District saleswoman who owns the Gentlemens Agreement in Englewood, takes the same approach. “I don`t take it when it`s obsolete,” said Ms. Zahn, who opened her store in 1995. She also said that she only accepts costumes in larger, more popular sizes. “Only 40 and over,” she says. Anik Boutique 51-53 Avenue Palisade No need to walk on deck for unique looks. This chic boutique has you covered with fun flowers, jeans, dresses and tops.

Even a denim jacket? Yes, please. 201-541-9558; your neighborhood friendly pharmacy and a gift shop for every occasion. We are happy to be a trusted provider for your medication and health care needs, as well as unique gifts for women, men and children of jewelry, accessories, household items, baby clothes and much more! Pumpkin – Bean 55 N Dean Street This hybrid boutique offers cheerful children`s clothing – right down to teenagers – and a chemical-free hair salon. 201-503-9001; Mr. Selbert also said that many men have put on their old costumes for the show instead of giving them a money saving because they think the value of these donations for tax purposes is being scrutinized more carefully than in the past.