Leads Agreement

These terms and conditions apply to the service-providing contract between the parties for the provision of services and are an integral part of these terms and conditions. CONSIDERING that whitney has entered into an administrative service agreement with EduTrades to manage and maintain EduTrades` customer-lead database (“database”); Download the Sale-Marketing Alignment spreadsheet. This Excel-based worksheet provides an easy-to-understand method in this discussion on the direction of sales and marketing and describes how a B-to-B line management agreement is established. 9.06 Contracting Authority. The parties guarantee that they have the authority to conclude this agreement and that the conclusion of this agreement is not limited or prohibited by the existing agreements to which they are parties. In addition, the parties ensure and guarantee that the agreement has been approved and approved by all necessary measures of the company. Both parties guarantee and ensure that all those who carry out this agreement are entitled to do so. All misrepresented representations individually link the fraudulent party or signatory. Once you have a consensus on the above points, create a Service Level Contract (SLA) for both teams. This helps to hold both teams accountable for their obligations. 5.

Price and payment conditions. The initial cost per lead (“CPL”) for leads to be made available is indicated between Round Sky and Lead Buyer before sending Leads Round Sky to the lead buyer. In addition, the Lead Buyer Round Sky can provide a connection to the lead buyer editor`s interface, which allows Round Sky to verify the calculation of Lead Buyer`s payments on the round Sky basis for the transactions to be made below. In order to avoid any doubt, the calculation of the fees to be paid to Round Sky by Round Sky is mandatory for the parties (no fraud or obvious error). In addition, Round Sky will charge Lead Buyer according to a weekly schedule for leads billed the previous week. This invoice can be made by e-mail or any other electronic means; and applies, if this is the case, as received on shipment. Any dispute or objection by the Lead Buyer against invoices or fees payable for the previous week immediately must be made in writing with Round Sky within the next three (3) business days. The primary buyer will pay Round Sky for the undisputed portion of each account statement for the previous week, on net terms/7, so that the payment with Round Sky is the day or before 7 (7) days after the invoice is sent by Round Sky. Notwithstanding the above, all amounts against the buyer raised in connection with Round Sky`s tour program will be billed and payable weekly on Mondays; and Lead Buyer must pay the amounts due for pay-per click leads immediately after the invoice is transferred.

All outstanding amounts will be paid until they are paid at a rate of less than 1.5% per month or at the highest rate allowed under Nevada law. Round Sky reserves the right to stop the lead Delivery to lead Buyer in case of invoice delay. In parallel with the implementation of this agreement, the Lead Buyer Round Sky provides information on the nearest buyer`s non-consumer, commercial current account or the commercial or debit credit card (the non-consumer “account”). The primary buyer authorizes Round Sky to electronically debit the account (and any other account designed below by the Lead Buyer, which must be a non-consumer commercial account) and, if necessary, to electronically debit or debit the account in order to correct previous surcharges.