Here’s one for fans of cartoons of the 80s. Silverhawks, though less known than the more popular Rankin/Bass production, Thundercats, has developed a bit of a cult following over the years; enough to get current owners, Warner Brothers, to release the entire series on home video. The look I pitched, and went on to build when selected, plays off the numerous display panels depicted in the show, and its general high-tech theme, but with a simple moderist twist. Fans of the show may also notice the “digital” typeface I used here very closely resembles the digital readouts that appear at the end of every episode, when Copper Kidd gets a lesson in science (see below). I was also asked to build in an ad for the upcoming WB Animation release of Wonder Woman (last frame above), whose dvd and bluray release I coincidentally also ended up working on at Trailer Park.

DVD Menu Design

Client – Warner Brothers

Studio – Trailer Park