Early 2015, Trusted Power Systems Website Redesign Overview

Similar to the work I did for Lookie Lou (see under projects), and partially over the same time period in early 2015, I went about completely rebuilding the site Chicago based generator vendor and service provider Trusted Power Systems. The image above shows an overview of the final product, completely responsive, as it looked upon its launch around March, and how it mostly continues to look going into the end of July.

As with the Lookie Lou, the redesign and relaunch wasn’t only aesthetic, but also involved the transferring of all skews (in the hundreds here) to Shopify. This platform increased flexibility, functionality, and control, all while lowering overhead costs. I led this entire process, building out the site’s look, feel, flow, and functionality, and also managing the upload and categorization of countless products, as well areas like document and media libraries, manufacturer information pages, and blogposts. The redesign was also a great opportunity to better communicate the company’s services and story, starting with the slider images, highlighted here:

Slider Images, Trusted Power Systems Home Page

Though the site was built with full e-commerce capabilities, we realized the company’s core money maker was still its service and maintenance services, concentrated in the Chicagoland area. Once the site was live, we launched geographically targeted Google AdWords campaigns, which I created, deployed, and tracked. I also made sure to integrate TPS’s internal job tracking system, Jobber, into the site’s structure, though its forms, to expedite service and streamline internal operations. These efforts, combined with targeted direct mail mail campaigns (which I did not handle) helped dramatically increase inquiries and quote requests, and more importantly, sales. By 20X in fact! The following case study I prepared for the Brandery LA highlights this: