In case you missed the link above, shown here is a now old reel that gives a quick run-down of my motion graphics and interactive design work pre-MBA, mostly for Home Entertainment, from the years 2005 – 2010. I’ve only included work I designed and animated, but I have been involved in countless more projects as a creative collaborator, serving in a number of capacities.

I began working as a designer and motion graphics artist for Home Entertainment at the age of 21, in the summer before my final year at UCLA. It was right around the time the format war between HD-DVD and Bluray was heating up, and studios were still releasing movies in both formats. It’s funny to think of now, but I even worked on a few HD-DVD and UMD releases –formats which have since become about as obsolete as 8-track tapes. This provided me with an early lesson in the ever-evolving nature of technology and content delivery, and in the importance of knowing how to build creative solutions around the strengths and weaknesses of different platforms and interfaces. DVD’s and Blurays are still holding on as I write this, but I only expect to see a continuation of the trend of content moving to the cloud, to be accessed increasingly via mobile devices. I know I myself have binge-watched way more Netflix than I care to admit here, and a lot of it via tablet.

Below you’ll find a link to a shotlist, and you can find more details on several of the projects included in the reel throughout the website.