In honor of the upcoming Halloween celebrations, here’s a creepy sketch of a sleazy looking devil dude. He looks ready to try to get you to sell your soul, purchase a used car, or sign up for a two year cell phone contract.

Gangnam Style

As an MBA student in the fall of 2012, I was enrolled in a course titled Design Management & Innovation, which required us to keep a journal of general thoughts and creative observations. I recently stumbled upon it and found this drawing among the entries. It was accompanied by the note – “How to become an international sensation: Gangnam Style Dance.” The song and its accompanying dance helped catapult its South Korean performer Psy to international stardom, and were peaking in popularity at the time. It was reminiscent of the 90’s Macarena craze (regrettably). My point was really that a dance, and generally, non-verbal cues and visuals, can help transcend language barriers. So if you want to have an international hit, come up with a dance. And a catchy chorus can’t hurt either.

Robby the Robot-ish

I was watching some oldschool Twilight Zone (thanks Netflix!), and I found an episode with a machine that reminded me a lot of Robby the Robot. It looked a little something like this: